Does Debt Settlement Work? Talk to a Houston Lawyer

Debt Settlement Is Rarely Effective

While a debt settlement program may seem more appealing than filing for bankruptcy, make sure you know who you are dealing with, and talk to an attorney about your options. Debt settlement is rarely effective and many of these so-called debt settlement companies are simply working for the credit cards. They have one goal in mind: to help fund the credit card companies and keep their debtors paying.

At Acosta Law in Texas, we are not fooled by the tactics of scam artists. We believe everyone deserves a path to debt relief, and we are prepared to assist you. Our lawyers will help you explore Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or a combination of both, Chapter 20.

Interested in Debt Negotiation in Houston? Hire an Attorney

While paying less interest on a consolidated amount may seem attractive, typically debt negotiation or settlement companies will also tack on a large fee for their services, leaving the debtor with little or no cost savings at all.

Statistics indicate that less than 4 percent of those who try debt negotiation strategies are successful, which means that 96 percent of the time, these methods fail.

At Acosta Law, we want to help you find the fastest, most painless way to eliminate your debt and make a fresh start. Debt settlement companies only prolong the trauma you are experiencing.

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