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Texas Bankruptcy and Discharging Judgments Against You

If you have been sued or had a court judgment against you, the financial consequences can be devastating. Whether you have been litigated against by a private individual or you have had a credit card company seek a summary judgment against you so they can garnish your wages, you may feel that your financial situation is going from bad to worse.

At Acosta Law our Houston bankruptcy lawyers can help you take action to reorganize or eliminate overwhelming debts including those involving courtroom judgments. Our office is built to help people take advantage of the opportunities for debt elimination offered by Texas and federal bankruptcy laws, and we are proud to have helped more than 15,000 people throughout the Dade County area take action and take back control of their financial lives.

Discharging Debts From Judgments

Discharging of debts means that those debts are, essentially, gone. You don't owe money on that debt anymore, and ultimately that is the primary goal of bankruptcy. This is most commonly achieved through the Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation process. Debt incurred as a result of a lawsuit against you can be discharged, or removed, through this process.

If you have been sued and no longer have the ability to pay, you should talk to an experienced professional that can provide the information you need to take action. We can help you deal with judgments involving:

 Working with our professionals you will receive advice and guidance that you can rely on. We will evaluate all aspects of your case while keeping you directly involved and informed every step of the way.

At Acosta Law our first priority is to help you build a more secure financial tomorrow.

Houston Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Lawyers

If you are facing serious financial crisis as a result of a judgment against you, we may be able to help you get relief while protecting your financial future. Call 713-980-9014 or contact our bankruptcy attorney online to set up a free consultation and case review.