Houston Bankruptcy Lawyers

At Acosta Law, our attorneys aggressively work to help clients overcome debt in Houston and throughout Texas. One option that allows you to completely discharge your consumer debt is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Contact us to learn more about Chapter 7 and to find out if you qualify.

If you do not meet the requirements for Chapter 7 according to the means test, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is probably the best option for you. Whether you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, immediately upon filing, an automatic stay will go into effect, stopping all collections activities, including foreclosure, wage garnishment and repossession.

If you are ready to put an end to creditor harassment and make a fresh start, consult an experienced attorney. At Acosta Law, We are proud to help clients from all walks of life find the right solutions to their financial problems.

Houston Debt Relief Attorneys

The lawyers at Acosta Law, have helped more than 15,000 clients to obtain debt relief in Texas. We know you likely have many questions about Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy, and we have answers.

Take action to protect your home, your income and your future. Schedule a free consultation with a Houston bankruptcy attorney by contacting Acosta Law online or by phone at 713-980-9014