Single Mothers and Bankruptcy

Did you know that the number-one cause of bankruptcy in America is divorce? Many people say issues regarding money cause divorce, but money problems after divorce can also be equally troubling.

Filing for bankruptcy as a single mom can seem particularly daunting and overwhelming. In many instances, single mothers are the sole financial providers for themselves and their children.
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Single Mothers and Bankruptcy: Your Right to Meaningful Debt Relief

Our legal team works with mothers to build a
solid legal plan to achieve a fresh financial start by using the rights and protections afforded under bankruptcy laws. Through Chapter 7 debt liquidation or Chapter 7 debt liquidation or Chapter 7 debt liquidation or

What About Alimony or Spousal Support Payments?

Many people wonder if alimony payments can be discharged in bankruptcy court. The simple answer in Texas is no. According to current bankruptcy and Texas law, discharging an alimony obligation is not allowed because it may be detrimental to the receiving party. We can help counsel you about how filing for bankruptcy may affect alimony you may be receiving, required to pay or how to seek a modification, when necessary.

A Guiding Hand to Stable Financial Ground

There are countless
myths that people have about bankruptcy. Our lawyers know that bankruptcy options are not for everyone, but we are here to provide the information you need to make the right decisions for your situation.

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