Houston Wage Garnishment Lawyer

A Legal Solution to Ending Wage Garnishment

Credit card companies, creditors and even the IRS can take legal action to garnish your wages to pay off outstanding debt. When you are already facing a serious financial crisis, the loss of up to 25 percent of your net wages can be devastating, making an already bad situation worse. At times like this you need clear, sound legal advice.

At Acosta Law our Houston bankruptcy lawyer knows how much wage garnishment can impact families, and can help you put the law back on your side. Bankruptcy laws in the state of Texas provide clear protections for individuals, and by taking action you may be able to quickly stop wage garnishments while building a strategy for a better financial future.

Working to End Your Wage Garnishments

Bankruptcy is one of the very few tools that employees have in their arsenal to end wage garnishments. However, when you file for
Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, collections against you including garnishments stop while the process goes through the courts. At Acosta Law we may even be able to help you stop a pending garnishment before you actually begin losing your income if you act quickly.

Garnishments can come from a range of sources, including:

  • Judgments in private lawsuits
  • Credit card companies
  • Medical or hospital collections
  • The IRS

We not only help you use bankruptcy laws to help you put garnishments on hold, but to eliminate the judgment lien altogether. While we know many people are worried about
how bankruptcy may impact their career, the expense and paperwork involved in processing a garnishment is likely far more off-putting for most employers. Our bankruptcy lawyers help you take action to protect your wages.

Taking Action to Protect Your Wages

Many of our clients have had the experience of never even knowing there was legal action being taken against them leading to summary judgments and wage garnishments. Take action to protect your wages and financial future before reduced wages create an even more serious money crisis for you or your family.

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