When Should You Consider Filing

When Is the Right Time for Filing Your Bankruptcy?

Timing is everything. File your bankruptcy too late and you can lose your home to foreclosure or have your wages garnished. File too soon and you may lose an important tax refund or the opportunity to get better terms. Knowing not just what action to take, but when to take it is a vital part of your bankruptcy.

At the Houston bankruptcy law office of Acosta Law our legal experience comes from helping more than 15,000 Texas families get relief from debt and financial crisis through bankruptcy. Since 1996 we have been helping people build long-term solutions to complex financial problems. We know the issues involved in bankruptcy, and we can help you decide when is the best time to act.

Striking the Right Balance

When considering bankruptcy, it's important to understand how much of your life can be affected. Handle the bankruptcy right and it can dramatically improve your debt situation, your finances and your life. File at the wrong time, however, and you may be facing serious concerns.

At Acosta Law our attorney evaluates all areas of how a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can impact your life. We look at a diverse range of issues before filing your case, including:

Without the skill and experience of thousands of bankruptcy cases, it can be difficult to know how to strike the right balance for clients. When the results of your bankruptcy matter, timing can be everything. Rely on a professional with the tools, knowledge and proven record to help you take the right action at the right time.

Consult With an Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer

To schedule a free initial consultation with our bankruptcy professionals, contact Acosta Law through our convenient online form or call us directly at 713-980-9014 to set up an appointment. We will be happy to sit down, review your situation and talk about the first steps in helping you get out from under debt.