Will I Have to Go to Court


Will I Have to Go to Bankruptcy Court?

The short answer to this question is that people who file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy virtually never go to court or even have to appear in front of a judge. In fact, most of our more than 15,000 clients at Acosta Law are surprised at how smoothly the process of filing for bankruptcy can go when you work with an experienced attorney.

Working to help Texas clients manage their difficult financial challenges using the tools of bankruptcy, our law firm guides you through the process and helps you build long-term solutions to your toughest money problems. We make sure you don't go into any meeting or appear before anyone without being fully prepared.

Experienced Houston Bankruptcy Lawyers

For most clients seeking protection under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will only have to appear briefly at a meeting. This meeting doesn't happen in court and doesn't include a judge, and in the vast majority of cases it lasts only a few minutes.

When you are facing a financial crisis, you deserve to have a professional on your side that will address your concerns while helping you protect your financial future. If a fear of having to appear before a judge is preventing you from discussing your case with an attorney, you need to know that no one actually appears before a judge in the vast majority of consumer bankruptcy cases.

Get the Information You Need

There are countless myths floating around about bankruptcy. Before you act, or worse — choose inaction based on myth — make sure you get information you can rely on. Contact us at Acosta Law online or by phone at 713-980-9014 to set up a free consultation.